Your Traditional Canadian Maple Farm

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It doesn't get any more Canadian than this! We are a fully operational maple farm. At our family farm you can experience maple syrup making the way it has been done for centuries.

Sand Road Sugar Camp was purchased in l958 by Leo Andre. The property was well forested, but the maple trees were too young to tap. Leo carefully tendered and managed his maple forest for many years.

About 30 years after he bought the land Leo was finally satisfied that the forest was ready for maple syrup production. The evaporator house was built in 1991 and the boiling process began. Four years later, a second bush was tapped, bringing the total number of taps to just under 2000.

The pancake house was constructed in 1995 from logs harvested from a stand of red pines on the property. Sand Road Sugar Camp, a dream for over 3 decades, finally came into existence. Sand Road was purchased in March 2010 by Scott and Angela Coleman who are making it a part of their family tradition.

From the beginning it has been Sand Road Sugar Camp's objective to offer guests a traditional Canadian sugar camp experience. We're happy that we've been able to accomplish that goal, and now delight families and visitors year after year with excellent product, warm smiles and memories to last a lifetime.

Centrally located between Cornwall, Ottawa and Montreal, Sand Road Sugar Camp prides itself on offering the best in food, atmosphere, and a family welcome that will leave you wanting to come back for more. In 2015, we continue to bring youth, energy, and innovation to our business. We endeavor to produce the very best maple syrup and maple syrup products while helping consumers realize the value in supporting and purchasing local food. We focus primarily on farm gate sales, while our syrup is a favourite gift from travellers around the world. We are proud producers of Canadian, pure, maple syrup. Through exceptional customer service and product development we strive to bring "a renewed brand, vision, and products to Canadian maple syrup.

Maple Syrup is a pure Local Source of Sugar, brought to you by our Canadian Trees and Canadian Climate.

Maple Syrup: A brief History.

"Sap's running dad". These words have echoed down through the years to herald the coming of spring, maple syrup making season and all of the activities that are part of the sugar camp experience. Even before the arrival of the white settlers in the vast North American wilderness, the native Indians had discovered maple syrup, the 'sinzibuckwud' (Algonquin word meaning 'drawn from trees'). While their methods were primitive, the basic idea of evaporation of sap to produce maple syrup is still the same today.

From birch bark buckets used by the Indians , to the boiling of sap in large iron kettles by the early pioneers, to the modern present day evaporator, producing maple syrup remains North America's sweetest gift to the world of gourmet dining: a natural product without preservatives or additives.

Presently most maple producers collect the maple sap through a plastic pipeline vacuum system. By using this system a maple syrup producer is able to collect more sap, (less spillage & waste) and is also able to keep the sap cleaner and thus produce a higher quality maple syrup. This higher quality maple syrup is required to make maple products such as butter, taffy and candy. But even with the modern methods at our disposal, the words 'saps running dad', still continue to be part of this great spring time tradition.